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This is the Order of the White Moon's main spiritual community, and includes our students and our High Priestesses from all the branch schools of the Order limited to female students. Schools for men and mtf transgender students are organized as separate Orders and enjoy separate communities.

On this list we can share prayer requests, talk about our lives and connect on a more personal level. Sisters who complete Levels I, II and III will be celebrated, here, as will those rare women who are elevated to High Priestess, and issued legal Ordination!

In addition, announcements from our Board of Directors that affect all of us will be made to this list.

Please use discretion with your posts, realizing that we have women from every ethnic and religious background, political party and many countries. NO PETITIONS or VIRUS WARNINGS, as most of them are spam. Political posts for or against any party or candidate are prohibited because of our status as a U.S. 501 c 3 nonprofit corporation. Political posts could jeopardize our ability to legally Ordain our HPs.

Let's focus on loving and supporting each other!



"FOR MORE INFO http://orderwhitemoon.org/schools/index.html."



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